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Acupuncture forum Acupuncture 411 was started by Calvin Lee, MD.  Everyone is welcome, but no spam please, even if it is acupuncture related.  Purpose of this forum is to share our knowledge gained from our continued learning of medical acupuncture.  Chinese Herbs and other complementary medicine discussions are also welcome.

Acupuncture Links - American Academy of Medical Acupuncture - Joseph Helms' Institute for medical acupuncture - Acupucture supply store OMS - listing of programs that train physicians to perform acupuncture - board certification requirements for the American Board of Medical Acupuncture, founded in 2000. - Stanford's listing of Helms Medical Acupuncture Course - Journal of Chinese Medicine, a publication from the UK.

Other spellings / representations of acupuncture:  accupuncture, accupressure, akupuncture (?), accuppuncture, acupunkture, acu - ?

Started by Calvin Lee, MD recent graduate of the Helms Medical Acupuncture Course (Stanford/UCLA), recent MD acupuncturist, December 2006.  Disclaimer:  Any medical and acupuncture information gathered from this discussion forum for acupuncture is not to be considered professional medical advice.  This acupuncture discussion board also discusses fictitious patients.  Please consult your acupuncturist and/or medical doctor.

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